Friday, December 24, 2010

pink tree love

{ Making it Lovely's pink tree }

Just in love with this 'lovely' (get it...) pink tree!!!
Part of me loves our family tradition of going to the tree farm and picking a tree (kinda sad to cut down a tree though...which eventually dies after all the Christmas glory is gone).
The other part of me is seriously in love with these colored trees. I'm not much of a pink girl myself....but I still LOVE this tree. It's the most perfect pink color...shimmery and shiny and full of whimsy.
I think a light blue or lavender tree would be really fun too. However, what works so nicely with Nicole's tree is that it perfectly matches the rest of her decor. It's definitly something to be considered. A simple silver tree would be so perfect with all its retro glamour as well.
This year we have a beautiful and real tree...but next year I am hoping to expiriment with something like this!

:: peace & love ::

*happy Christmas Eve!

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