Friday, December 24, 2010

PINK tights

{ Gossip Girl colored tights }
{ light pink tights on Gossip Girl }
more pink love.
love love tights....especially during winter.
I usually find myself wearing black, which is lovely and simple. However, I feel like I'm seeing more and more colored tights.
They are just too cute...I can't quite decide if I could pull this off..or if I would just look straight up ridiculous!?!?! I'm loving pink and fuchsia versions the most (although something in aqua blue or burnished olive would be divine as well).
I actually feel like i've just talked myself into it..just by writing this blog.

:: peace & love ::


Natalie Schiavi said...

I love tights as well! And Gossip Girl <3

The girls from Gossip Girl have such great styles! I feel as if only they can pull of pink tights, but who knows! Try it out :)

Happy holidays!

Great blog btw :)

Katie said...

thank you!!!! i'm hunting for the perfect shade...thinking Betsy Johnson version will be nice!
Happy Holidays and thank you for saying Hi <3