Monday, December 20, 2010

HOME from the Dominican!

{ dinner at Vento }

{ view from our balcony }
{ drinking out of a coconut in the ocean...ahh }

We're back from the DR.
I've decided a few things....
1. warm water and a little balmy breeze does a body good.
2. a five hour lay over in the Miami airport=not fun at all.
3. trying to sleep on planes doesn't feel good.
4. underground cave swimming is both fun and terrifying.
5. room service is kinda amazing in the bleary morning hours. (coffee especially).
6. coconut oil makes skin look amazing.
7. not putting ANY sunscreen on in the sun ALL day is really just stupid. (and i should know better...i mean really).
8. All inclusive isn't all it's cracked up to be.
9. visiting the equivilant of a third world country is eye opening.
10. it was an amazing experience that we were so lucky to have....but am very grateful for our cushy American culture...and can't wait to travel to other places!

:: peace & love ::

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