Sunday, November 7, 2010

loung pants as workwear?

{ Caroline, of Caroline's mode }

I've been contemplating this look for a little while now. I keep seeing it on fashion blogs....wearing fitted lounge (sweat) pants as everyday wear.
Now, obviously one can't wear these to a corporate office.....or at least I don't think that's quite kosher. However, I work at a fashion forward, young salon where are dress code calls for all black or dark denim.....(and of course no hot pants)....
this leaves me wondering---'can i pull this off'?, is it really appropriate? I think it depends on what else is going on....wearing with boots is definitely a must; maybe spicing it up with an interesting (but not too fancy) blouse or dressed up tee...adding a well fitting cardigan or jacket seem appropriate. Lastly for some reason they seem more appropriate in black, and they seem more appropriate in fall/winter where looking a little bundled and cozy is expected.
I want to try looks right up my alley (this coming from someone who literally lives in leggings...) really i do. My concern is, I'll put on my little all black, sweat pants included outfit......walk into work and my boss will look at me and say 'excuse me....are you kidding?'. I already wear my lounge y gray sweater (not black...gray...i say it's a shade of black...but who am i kidding?) like it's going out of style...and I've seen her eye it a few times like (do i pick this battle or not?) she must decide on not...bc i haven't heard anything about it yet ;-) haha.
So people...what do you think? lounge pants to work? or not quite appropriate?

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