Monday, April 5, 2010

summer are mine..muahaha.

It is safe to say that I have a genuine love of Sam Edelman sandals (they are really so dang comfy)...I have not one bad thing to say about them, and their price point (while not $23 flip flops) really very reasonable given how much use and wear i get out of them!
{ this summer's Sam Edelman - Divine sandals }
{ last summer's Sam Edelman - Ginnie sandals }

Last summer I snapped up the Ginnie sandals (in navy patent) and have since worn them like crazy (mind you, they still look amazing and not at all worn out...worn, yes...but not to their death).
This summer I will be prancing around in the Divine sandals (just ordered!!!!) yayaya.
Perhaps it is politically incorrect (or non-wallet friendly) to order beautiful sandals as I am trying to plan my wedding................
I would refute that I LIVE in sandals (seriously), and will wear the heck out of these suckers. Especially when flying to and lounging around in the Dominican (!! still on dominican stoked cloud 9).
Next for the summer....what else...aviators (the besti and I are in desperate need...of course). And really do feel as though we must have some, not just for the summer mind you...but (repetitive, sorry) for the Dominican! {must convince self that material desires are a need and not a want }.... sorry mom. I will also through in that I originally saw them on the S. Edelman web site, sought to purchase at Piper Lime, waited (see mom...exercising delayed gratification techniques) size proceeded to sell out at Piper Lime...I of course had a mild panic attack at which point I resorted to Nordstroms. phew.... (i'll say).
:: peace and love ::

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