Thursday, April 22, 2010

what to do with a "Friday"

{ envelope & liner, waiting to be glued...and my pretty Pepper of course }
{ envelope and liner, waiting to be assembled }
As I stare at the pile of paper and envelopes waiting to be measured, cut and lined; I find myself wondering if it's all worth it. More than if it's worth it, which seems like an unanswerable question, will people even notice or care about the perfectly picked hot pink and yellow patterned paper that I looked for, bought and am now in a pile of scrap paper over lining these suckers? Maybe. Maybe not. I guess it doesn't really matter; selfishly I should say that it's only what matters to me, right? I can live with that I suppose.
I'm trying to find excitement in all these unfinished, not just unfinished, but undecided on projects that lie in wait for me over the next 8 weeks (8 weeks....ahhhhh). I'm finding excitement difficult to muster sometimes. Which makes me frustrated that I feel stressed about doing these things that 'should' be exciting? I think I'm just having a moment; A moment of 'how the heck am I going to figure out what I want and then accomplish it in 8 weeks?'....I'm sure you know the feeling.
Technically it's my Friday, and I find myself staring at my 1. running shoes 2. hot pink paper asking to be measured, cut and inserted into an envelope 2. phone to have a friend come over and share a bottle of wine. Seriously, those are my choices. I suppose I could do dishes, laundry, vacuum etc. I for one have a belief that such activities should not be condoned on one's Friday. Here, here.

:: peace and love ::

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