Sunday, April 11, 2010

a few of my favorite things

a random sharing...
{ sleeping in- there is really nothing better than a sleepy sunday morning. i am often jealous of my extremely lazy cat } pic from moi...and my messy bed.
{ the intoxicating smell of orange blossoms...a tell tale sign of spring }
{ coral peonies- besides succulents, coral peonies win my heart as one of my favorite flowers....full of volume, color and whimsy }
{ confetti - just plain makes me happy. i don't care how messy...a lovely scattering of bright paper is never frowned upon by moi ! }
{ sofia blanc de blanc - my favourite sparkling wine, and such a sweet bottle } pic from Kristina @ A Lovely Morning.
{ french pressed coffee - and breakfast in general i love to have a slow morning of coffee and home made breaki } pic from Rachel @ Heart Of Light.
{ flowering cacti }
{ the desert landscape, especially in the spring - so full of color and texture and incredibly inspiring } { pretty prints - in lovely colors and with witty phrases....i would fill my walls with fun little prints and posters.........if custom framing weren't so dang expensive...why??? } { jewelry - i just plain and simple can't get makes me happy.......and i never feel bad about acquiring it, because it has been so fun to receive pieces that have been passed down to me...i want to be able to pass on some genuinely lovely pieces as well as fun costume pieces like my fav. necklace right now from Tiger Lily } { Fresh products - their packaging seriously kills me !!!!! i am such a sucker for packaging alone, it doesn't help that their fragrances are so lovely (my fav. fig apricot eau de parfum, and the Supernova mascara) } pic from Fresh.
I thought i would share a few of my favorite things....i wasn't feeling my best this weekend, and am greatly looking forward to a new week and a fresh start so to speak.
:: peace and love ::
pics from google, if not otherwise stated !

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