Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a random sharing

{ Gabriel & Co. ring - with rose gold filigree sides, instead of white }
{ onions, butternut squash and carrots, prepared to roast } { gifted clutch, ripped jeans }

A random sharing on this cloudy Tuesday! I have the day off (random middle of the week(ness)?!)...so I'm going to do my hair run through with the lovely Crystal from Lux; workout with Natalie, order our rings (the pic at top is what I'm ordering except with rose gold filigree sides instead of white gold). For a little I was thinking I wanted something that matched my ring...custom made. Now 1 mo. until the day, I just don't have time. I freaked out for a second, then decided that gives me creative freedom. It doesn't have to match, and instead of being bummed I decided to do something really different, and I LOVE it :-)
I roasted some veggies last night, just threw on what I had on hand, butternut squash, carrots and onions (wishing for beets, oh well!). Sprinkled olive oil, dill and a seasoning mix with salt, pepper, garlic salt and parsley. SOOO good, can I just say. I piled this mix a top red quinoa, topped with arugula and feta. YUM. serious. Meal inspired by Kristina, seen here.
Lastly, I snapped a pic of a gifted clutch (from the shower), which I've been receiving lots of compliments on....thank you Shannon, so sweet. I love it.
Happy Tuesday, I'm going to keep busy :-)
:: peace and love ::

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