Sunday, May 16, 2010

bridal shower fabulocity!

{ gorgeous protea }
{ protea on table }
{ me and my lovely friend/practically sister Catherine (recenly) Mrs. Ford }{{ my girls and me havin' a giggle--ya I said giggle }

My bridal shower was today at 1, and it was absolutely beautiful (to say the least). I think of myself as somewhat of a picky person, meaning I notice all the little details when others tend not to, there for I am generally hard to please.
However, apparently so is my bfff/moh Ashlee, because she lovingly put together the most beautiful bash eva! Included were 1. my fav. flower coral peonies, and protea 2. colored poms poms in pink and yellows! 3. and lovely LOVE sign. 4. cupcakes, mexican chocolate truffles, sprinkled rice crispies, chocolate cake pops....then pasta salad with artichokes and green olives, chips and guac, bruschetta and toasted bread, and a truley delish cheese platter. etc.
Friends/fam gathered and shared in a fun game, presents and pictures. Not to mention the food, Tolosa rose, and snazzy bubbly lemonade! Ash held it in her yard (which is perfect), tire swing, grass, couch like swing, and open farm(ish) feel were exactly what the bash desired....and I honestly couldn't have asked for more.
I so greatly enjoyed spending time with those who came...everyone was so thoughtful to take time out of their lives to come to this imp. day for me, and to spend time with me, and I really couldn't appreciate it more!
YA! I'm even more excited for the wedding....THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone!!!!
:: peace and love ::
** pics my moi and the especially well lit and snazzy ones by Garrett Loughran!
-- more pics here --

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The Loughran's said...

It was pretty amazing :)
Anything for my Katie boo.

I'm so glad you had a great time, that means a lot to me <3