Saturday, May 22, 2010

SLO botanical garden

{ SLO botanical gardens }
{ succulent arrangement }
{ aloe varieties } { spider webbed aloe } { the almost hubbs and my daddy discussing CA native plants }

We headed to Morro Bay for a run today with my dad only to be greeted by 30 mi/hr sandy winds :-( no go. So we re routed to Dairy Creek park/home of SLO botanical gardens for our run! After a bout with food poisoning/maybe 24 hr. flu I was just hoping I could make it. After a little 3 miler, we re hydrated ;-) and headed to the SLO botanical garden where we checked out the succulent crop and other ca native plants! My dad puts together the CA native plant society news letter every month and takes part in all their activities, he even snatched up some flowers un-known to him to investigate later :-) We wandered around a bit, and checked out their gardens, where Wes and I both wished we were home owners so we could full on garden up a storm (ugh...renting kinda sucks as far as personalization goes).
Over all, a lovely Saturday (I'm really just so stoked I'm feeling better!!!!), home with a Drifter in hand and some of Wes' guacamole (the best eva! no joke!).
Happy Weekend.
:: peace and love ::

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