Monday, May 3, 2010

weekend doings

{ G & L on deck }
{ water coloring, aka my tie dyed paper } { water coloring, tie dyed paper }

Saturday was spent doing a whole lot of nothing....wandering around Michael's for about an hour, picked up a Martha Stewart paper punch that creates a pretty scalloped lace edge on paper (ohh love); and some other boring yet practical items. Once home I decided if I was going to actually accomplish this task of making 'tie dyed' scalloped edge bands to secure my little packages, I better get on it.
About the water coloring...i love to water color first off. What sparked the idea; I wanted these invites to be a reflection of us--we go to our beloved music festival in Yosemite every year with my parents, it's where we really fell in love and it is tremendously important to the both of us. We tie dyed our own shirts and sweatshirts last year for the occasion (messy and fun)...and I figured I could water color paper bands in honor of our love for the festival and for tie dye.
Sunday was absolutely lovely. We went to a late breakfast at Zorro's in shell beach; there was a wait for a table so Cindy (the owner) sent us to the back patio (which really just looks like a quaint little backyard) where they served us complimentary mimosas until our table was ready (what!!?!?) was pretty fab. Not to mention that it was an insanely gorgeous day by the beach..or that I got huevos rancheros (which is the best at Zorro's)...ugh...we didn't want to go home.
Once home, Christine came over and we embossed the rsvp cards (more to come on that) which turned out adorable. Went on a walk, which resulted laying in the grass at the park near our house and deciding that we are going to start swimming in the mornings at Sinsheimer pool M,W and F. Also decided to make the favorite pesto pizza...but due to amazingly good weather, also decided we needed our favorite cocktail (enter the G&L's).
We love love gin and tonics (specifically Sapphire and tonics..of course), with fresh lime...there is nothing better. Once we had TJ's sparkling lime aide...but no tonic and so the G&L was borne and it is fabulous. do try.
and hello Monday...
:: peace and love ::

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Anonymous said...

You two are so darling. I knew tie dye had to be part of your theme even if we are not doing the wedding at Live Oak with Tie Dye t-shirts for all.
Love you both,