Sunday, June 5, 2011


I don't know if I could pull it off? But.....I have been secretly loving socks/tights with heels!
What do you think, wearable? Or something best worn by models in a Jcrew catalog? Either way, I'm enjoying the idea of it along with some fabulously over-sized plastic rimmed eye glasses. Mind you, I don't wear glasses.....and although I'm greatful for my good eyesight, a small little sliver of me wishes I needed glasses so I could justify wearing something like the ones pictured above (via miss Pandora). It's all rather nerdy-chic, no? And rather delightful :-)
Happy Sunday!

:: peace & love ::


Simply Bubblelicious said...

Ditto! I sooo want to try the socks and heels. Just have not been brave enough. Yes, Yes the simply vera wang pumps are super comfy. I have the beige as well. CUTE blog!

Katie said...

Thank you!! I ordered the blush simply vera heels, looking forward to wearing them this summer!!