Friday, August 21, 2009

new diggs picy's

So here are just a few pics of the new place...we just picked up some pretty new plants to enjoy (I thought I was going to die 'out of excitement' when I saw the Craspedia at the nursery!!!! we have some Basil, chives, lettuce and strawberry's in our little mini garden so far, and am hoping for cilantro, sage, onions and radishes soon!!
I am hoping to remove all the bark in the yard (there from previous tenants) and put in a pretty succulent and grass collage!! I'm hoping for an umbrella and outdoor rug on the deck (to cozy it up a bit). Over all, it's a work in progress, we are having lots of fun putting it all together : )
Happy Friday!

:: peace and love ::


The Loughran's said...

It's so cute! We may owe you a bag of bark if Parker keeps coming over and kicking it out :)

Katie Carter said...

haha..i don't even like the bark--so consider it a favor! it was so nice to finally have you guys over, thanks for coming!