Friday, June 12, 2009

Plants Potted (finally!)

I finally got around to potting my plants this last weekend!! I got two white pots from Ikea (and I need more....hrmm...) while the beautiful 18'' yellow ceramic pot is from a local nursery called Pacific Home and Garden's. For now the bigger of the two Agave plants and a beautiful little purple succulent are residing in there until I find more white pots for them....I found the yellow one a while back, got around to buying it with the justification that it will be perfect for the wedding (somewhere....). I think they look cute and they 'cozy up' our little pad!

:: peace and love ::

(p.s. we may be moving to a bigger space (WITH A YARD!!!!) yayaya...if so, I will be blogging up a storm about starting my garden (finally....I can't wait!) hope it all works out!)

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Anonymous said...

Your succulents look great in their new homes...
love you,