Friday, June 12, 2009

our little sanctuary/refueling station

Welcome to Linea's Cafe!!!! It's our favorite little spot in SLO...with good coffee...yummy little salads and home made muffins and croissants (as well as 'espresso eggs' and breakfast burritos)'s such an amazing little place. I have been going to Linea's since I was a baby (I'm a local) and it really hasn't changed at all...still beautiful..lush..has a Koi pond that toddlers find just as interesting as I once did........I could go on and on...
I finally got around to snapping some pics (again...on my phone...quality=bad, sorry!) while we were there for breakfast and coffee the other morning! It instantly relaxes me and brings me has such a wonderful atmosphere there and it always has!
You must go if you are visiting!!

:: peace and love ::

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