Monday, March 7, 2011

Nails for Nell's weekend bachelorette!

{ Santa Barbara, sun, fresh pedicure }

Starting Friday was one of my favorite girli's bachelorette weekend getaway!! Unfortunatly for me staggering doctor's bills & that little fact that preggo peeps can't really hit the club seen in the same way as a non preggo peep; kept me home until Sunday.
I headed to SB early Sunday morning to join the the spa fun that one of her lovely friends had put together at the house they stayed at! Portable spa....perfect!
I think I came in at the end of a very long (and very fun) weekend, but non-the-less it was so nice to meet all the other girls before the wedding (yay, June 25th!!). Got my pedicure with OPI's saphire in the snow :-) Proceeded to check out the beautiful house they had rented, and it's amazing garden out back!
I felt so bad that I couldn't partake in the whole weekend :-( I hope I'm not 'that person' who's absent from the festivities...but I did my best, and had so much fun. Lucky for me the drive is pretty short and very beautiful!
So glad you had lots of fun D, you have a really fabulous set of girli's you call your friends :-)

:: peace & love ::

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