Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mia Bossi Goodies's a diaper bag, and the cutest one EVER at that! Funny thing is I saw this bag in a magazine years ago when having a baby was the last thought on my mind...but I told myself that it was the baby bag I wanted when I did. I've looked at many diaper bags and I still love this delight by Mia Bossi, so I thought I would share and post (so that I have something to look back on as well when I need to order this bad boy up!). I LOVE orange right artwork...I would get orange sheets if Wes would let me. Who am I kidding, Wes wouldn't care what color our sheets are ;-) So it's no wonder that I love this bag with it's classic lines and punchy color!!! They have it in black, black cherry, and red pepper but the tangerine color is what makes me drool. Happy Saturday everyone!! : )

:: peace and love ::


Mara said...

This is adorable. I might just have to send it to my cousin. Planning for baby already Katie?

It's so funny you're into orange right now because I have been too. I saw a photo spread in a magazine (blanking on the name right now) and it had orange accents! If I can find it online I'll have to post.

Ikea made a great a simple bed spread that was white and orange, I've tried finding it but I guess it's long gone by now.

Garrett, Ashlee and Parker said...

Hmm... I wonder why you need this?! :) I love it!