Sunday, December 28, 2008

Charming Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown is definitely one of my favorite cosmetics companies. I feel like I'm committing Aveda treason!!! (I still love Aveda tremendously....but I do think they could use some expansion in the make up front). When I was a young teenager I received the "Teenage Beauty" guide to makeup, and I might even say that it is what kept me from wanted to line my eyes with a Sharpie marker (and yes...unfortunately I have witnessed this treachery). I have more of her books now and am in desperate need of more products. Hard thing is we don't have a Bobbi Brown counter in our little town...must travel to Bobbi. Her video tutorials are wonderfully helpful, as are the artists with whom you can chat with online about any questions you might have. She always infuses a carefree, perfectly beautiful and delightfully natural approach to any look she creates and her pigments and shades are some of the most beautiful in the industry (in my opinion)'s to Bobbi love.

:: peace and love ::

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