Monday, December 8, 2008

Eco Stiletto :: Reduce Your Carbon Foot Print

*picture credit : Cupcakes from the EcoStiletto launch night!!

Good morning!!!! I just found EcoStiletto the other day (in Lucky Magazine--article "How I'm Wired!!) and am so in love with the site and it's creator Rachel. Its all about ways that we can reduce our large carbon foot prints to a tiny stiletto (how great is that?). Rachel posts events about green living, green buying etc and has little pod casts to showcase some of these treats. Join the newsletter today, because they will be giving away a pair of eco-friendly shoes (worth $500) every month in 2009 and Rachel has told me that the boots for January are seriously AMAZING...I'm on board for sure!!! You will love her just as much as I do, why wouldn't we want to reduce our foot print, makes me feel happy that I can do my part to help our pretty planet : )

:: peace and love ::


Rachel Sarnoff said...

Thank you Katie!! You totally made my day! Did you see Lucky? That's me pretending to have a super clean wireless office by strategically placing my butt in front of a big clump of wires. LOL!


Katie Carter said...

Yes Rachel...It was Lucky magazine where I found you and your site!! I'm going to admit my 'nerdiness' and say that the section "How I'm Wired" is one of my favorites of the magazine :) I love EcoStiletto, it rocks!!!