Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wes' Famous Chilli and Cornbread

Wes surprised me with a night off of cooking yesterday and made me vegetarian chili (he put hamburger in his) sweet. It was (and still is...we have lots of left overs) delicious!!! If you like it a little spicier (I know we do!) just add some tapatillo.
1 can black beans
1 can pinto beans
1 can kidney beans
1 can white kidney beans
1 can black eyed peas
1 can diced tomato's
1 can tomato sauce
1 can tomato paste
1 white onion
1 green/red pepper
2 lbs hamburger (if you eat meat)
garlic salt
chili powder
**add water for desired consistency
**cook 1.5-2 hours
**do not drain water out of bean cans
**brown meat and saute onion and pepper, once done, add to bean mixture.
Cornbread ::
here is a delicious looking recipe for cornbread...Wes made his (gasp) out of a box....I'll have to post my mom's cornbread recipe (it's amazing!!!!). I have to say that Wes' whole meal turned out delightful and he was so sweet to cook all of it for me!!!!

Enjoy!!! Thanks honey!!!

:: peace and love ::

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Garrett, Ashlee and Parker said...

mmm, someone needs to make this for me please! :)