Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Wear :: Brrr......

The season of winter is in a head to head tie with Spring (being my bday month...I'm naturally partial), one of the things I love most about winter is the fashion.... bundling up with colorful scarves, knits, jackets and sweaters, having that delightful little pinkish glow on your cheeks and nose (my friend Ash and I have found that Smashbox OGlow works wonders for creating this effect), wearing boots and get the picture. So, I am going to compile a few of my favorite looks for this delightfully cozy season. Now if only I had a fireplace to cozy up in front of while wearing my buffalo plaid blouse......
Knit Beret from Urban Outfitters.
Knit Leggings from Urban Outfitters.
Ruffled cami perfect for a holiday party from Jcrew.
Snowflake PJ's (you love them...I know....) from Jcrew.
Plaid coat from Gap.
Janie Coat from Letrainbleu.
*Just a few of my favorites*
:: peace and love ::

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Garrett, Ashlee and Parker said...

I love how your referenced me :) hehe.
Why do you think I got married in December?!