Tuesday, December 16, 2008

** J'adore Cox & Cox **

How delightful!! These pictures make me want to snuggle up in a nice cozy (and perfectly decorated) little home and never leave!! I must be 'nesting' because all I can think about is housewares lately...I'm so in love with people's artfully decorated spaces, and find so much inspiration in the many different ways people organize things!! Cox & Cox is.....delightful, simple, chic and charming. My favorite piece has to be the chalkboard hanging peg rack, with the words above each peg naming each day of the week in French!!! Something you will learn about me is that I love anything French, I took the language in high school (and speak un peu francais now, a very embarrassingly little amount) nothing to hold a convo...but am dying to be fluent and travel there!!! To me, this little rack is so charmingly delightful. The towel ladder would be perfect in a bathroom and looks oh so pretty in white! Then there is the wooden cheese board.....how much do we love this one Danielle?? It is so perfectly sturdy and beautiful, obviously built for the serious cheese lovers (who me?).
If I had a garden (and I really wish I did), you would see this beautiful benchseat there....I can see it, in it's pretty duck egg blue paint, amongst the lavender, bunch grasses and succulents...all nestled in with a little garden table....(I've got to snap out of it.....I don't even have a front yard....).
Hope you enjoy Cox & Cox as much as I do! Thank you Decor8 for introducing me to them!!!

:: peace and love ::

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