Sunday, December 7, 2008

:: Holly Golightly Sleep Mask ::

I loovveee sleep masks!!!!! I'm serious, I have 3 already (not necessarily a lot..but hey, you really only need one I suppose?). I started wearing sleep masks when Wes and I moved in together in college, he likes to watch TV while going to sleep, I do not. I must have the thinnest eye lids in history....I am so sensitive to light, I don't care to much about noise. Being as adorable as he is, Wes got me my first sleep mask so I didn't have to be subjected to his bedtime preferences. My favorite one I have right now is an Andy Warhol style Marilyn Monroe, leather version. If you've ever seen "Breakfast at Tiffany's" then you will recognize this mask, as well as Audrey wearing the original version in the delightfully nostalgic.
:: peace and love ::

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