Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Amy Butler :: Inspiringly Amazing

Amy Butler is an amazing artist who creates many, many lovely pieces for our delightful consumption!! I am in school for Graphic Design and am so very excited about that...I wrote Amy a while back praising her designs and asking for some advice on the industry and her journey through it. She must be so very busy with all her projects and shows, and she took the time to write me a very thorough and extremely helpful response and I am grateful for her advice!!! I wanted to share with you some of her beautiful pieces...I picked her prints and fabrics to show you because I am on a fabric kick right now. My favorite pattern of hers is under the Midwestern Modern line--the gold/martini ab 26, which is this super pretty somewhat retro looking pattern that Amy makes in a few different color palette's. You could make so many things from her patterns and prints...aprons, blouses, dresses, fabric necklaces, pillows, bags etc. Check her out and get inspired, she is a wonderful artist and an extremely delightful woman to have gained knowledge from!! : )

:: peace and love ::

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Rachel said...

I always love looking at her prints in the fabric store. She chooses the best color ranges and patterns.