Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Famous Dishes

I LOVE THESE DISHES......I really do. I have refrained from buying them myself on my friend Ashlee's advice, because I have to have something to register for when Wes and I get married...haha. Wes and I have had a funny history with dishes, our first 'set' if we would go so far as to call it that; was seriously from someones "free" pile outside their house (no I'm not kidding). We were trying to move in our first apartment....don't hate (lol)! Our second set and the one we have now was from our good friends who had gotten married and given us their old dishes. Maybe some people love them...but they are Corell and I really don't (I'm sorry). These celery green delights are the 'Emma' collection from Pottery Barn and I can't wait to have them!! I seriously don't care if people get them for us, or I have to buy them myself...sometimes I go into Pottery Barn just to make sure they don't get dis continued...oh goodness. Also, I noticed earlier in the season of Lipstick Jungle that Nico has the same collection, and they are so cute on TV...all perfectly baby green with the cute little bumpy ridges!!
Yeah to domestic bliss :-)

:: peace and love ::


ChristanP said...

So I was peaking at Ashlee's blog friends because I can't get enough blog! :) Yours is really cute! What a fun idea :) I have these dishes but when I registered this fun color was not an option. Must say though, good choice! :) They're easy to dress up on the table and dress down! ~Allegra

Katie Carter said...

Thanks Allegra...I hope it's fun to read, that's my plan :) I love blogs as well...I spend a lot of my free time checking people's out, so it's nice to know that mine is being enjoyed!!! Happy Holidays :)

Lynne said...

I love these too - I hope you get them sometime!

Garrett, Ashlee and Parker said...

do I hear wedding bells?! Hurry up Wessy bear, so Katie can register for these Lipstick Jungle-esque beauties :)