Sunday, December 7, 2008

Frye Perfection

I love pretty much anything by Frye...their craftsmanship and attention to detail makes all their shoes so beautiful and unique. There are about 4 or 5 boots that I would seriously die to have, and I hadn't thought too much about their shoe styles before (being so enamored with their boots and all). I decided that instead of having a bunch of clothes and shoes that are of mediocre quality, and things that I don't wear often. I am going to try and do a major cleaning of my closet, get rid of things that I haven't worn in years and donate to the Goodwill. Then, I want to start re filling it with beautiful, well made, classic pieces that I will wear often, and can mix and match. I saw these shoes by Frye and am so in love. They come in a few different shades of leather, black, grey and this caramel version that I love. They are classic, could be worn in so many different ways and would last forever. Not to mention they actually look comfortable! Here's to wishing for these lovelies....I would happily trade 3 pairs of my shoes for these babies!!!

:: peace and love ::

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