Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Gifting

I can't believe Christmas is almost here!!! I feel so happy to have been able to get together with two of my best friends this season for a little gift exchange and conversation. Ash got me the cutest little wine glass tags, I picked my favorite one, "charmer" to share with everyone; as well as a framed photo of my favorite baby and a subscription to InStyle!!! Danielle got and made me a delightful mixture of gifts. A subscription to Domino (one of my favorite magazines ever!), the most beautiful and charming little cards, a hand knit scarf which is so colorful and amazing and.........drumroll.........TRUFFLE SALT. If you read my blog you will know all about our little obsession with truffle salt. I seriously can't wait to use it on bread and butter and eggs (two things it's absolutely amazing on!!). Be a little bit jealous of my truffle know you want to!!

:: peace and love ::

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Rachel said...

Amazing gifts! And you're right - I'm totally jealous of your truffle salt.