Wednesday, October 29, 2008

15 degrees :: Wine Shoppe

The truffle salt is the one directly to the left of the black one (counter clockwise)....omg.

They serve everything on the cutest wooden cutting boards, ceramic trays and bowls! LOVE.

Since PR (Project Runway) is over, Danielle and I have decided that watching SATC from season 1 to the movie was the proper way to continue the Wednesday night "girl time". Tonight we went to a little wine shoppe/upscale bar called 15 Degrees Celsius, they sell wine, beer and some spirits as well as gifts and some tapas. It is a super cute little shoppe, very relaxed but fun and modern. We ordered a rose and a white wine to start, a 3 cheese platter with olives, figs, almonds and bread. Usually I would be more excited by the cheese....but seriously, we ordered an olive oil/vinegar plate as well as a salt plate with bread and fresh butter. Weird that the best part of the night was the truffle salt that Allison picked out for us!! Danielle has met Allison prior and we decided we would just let her pick everything out for us. That was a good idea, we got a goat cheese, blue and sheep (I think), the olive oil was a classic bright green one (the best and unfortunately I don't remember the name), a lemon flavored and a mandarin flavored version. For the vinegar we got a sweet thicker one as well as a more classic tangy one, the combinations were delicious! The salts were honestly the best part; we got three different salts, a rosemary flavored, a smoked, and the truffle salt (which I would do strange and unusual things to have again!). Over all, a delightful night...after 15 degrees, we went back to Danielle's where we had stuffed mushrooms and salad, the rose we bought and watched our first disc of SATC!!! What could be better!!???
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