Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I went to a bridal fair on Sunday (yes yes it's true....although I am not formally engaged yet Wes and I have decided on June 2010), I went with a friend whose wedding is August 2009 and we had so much fun! I will post pics from the show, there is some really fun stuff! But I decided, for sure, that je suis amour avec succulents (I am totally in love with succulents). They are fantastic little fleshy plants, they are all so very unique and different and fun. I think that I will (over the next year and a half) collect little shallow flower pots (glazed or porcelain--not terracotta) and grow my own succulents to use in our wedding. Centerpieces, down the aisle, tables here and there. And I will definitely be using them in my bouquet! A truly fun fun fun little DIY project for me and my momma to do together!
:: peace and love ::

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Mara said...

You set a time! You didn't even tell me. I seriously don't feel apart of your life anymore :( I love you.