Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dress My Nest :: Octopus Print

Oh my goodness!! So.....Thom Felicia used this Lord Bodner Octopus Triptych Print in the season finale episode of Dress My Nest where he re decorated the Rancic's living space! I was absolutely OBsessed with it when I saw it on the show and tried looking for it on the web. I was never able to find it, and for some reason it popped back in my head the other day. I looked again and found it on Mecox Garden's website.
To put it simply, if anyone would like to purchase me this lovely print for, oh...I don't know...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or my birthday that would be great!!'s $3,750. That's not quite the price I was hoping for (I really did want it...still do) but goodness. I will say that if I had the $ to spare, I would totally do it! Oh yeah babe.

:: peace and love ::

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