Friday, October 17, 2008

Project Runway Night!!!

Wednesday night was the best night EVER! Unless you live under a rock (I never get to use that expression...) you should have known that it was the finale of Project Runway!! My good friend Danielle and I always celebrate Wednesday nights with cheese, wine, more cheese and re runs of PR (as we refer to it) before the new show airs. Wednesday was the big night, we (like most people) were really NOT rooting for Kinley...who is retched. Hoping for Leanne because of her insane skill and loving Kato for her personality, family and use of color! We had the most delicious set up you've ever seen. I really shouldn't tell you what we had...because we put a pretty good dent in it, and we decided we should probably pretend like it never happened (the amount of cheese consumed that is). I'll tell you, because I have to make you jealous. We had champing, pinot noir, melted brie with brown sugar on top, cream cheese with a jalapeno berry jelly over it, figs, black grapes, and these croissants filled with goat cheese and pesto.......I was insane!
Aside from the awesome food, LEANNE WON, and we couldn't be happier. Her collection was amazing, I hadn't been that happy since Chloe won a few years ago! Way to go Leanne, you ROCK!
(oh.....our actually spread was a whole lot better than the one shown above (that's from google), I just had to get you in the mood).

:: peace and love ::

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crystal kluge said...

I agree, LeeAnn's collection stole the show! I'm so happy she won. ps.your night sounded yummy...mmmm