Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Love Organics { sold }

** update -- after contemplation & more information on key ingredients in each product, I tacked on the serum & scrub.......super stoked. I couldn't help myself! **

{ One Love Organics, Skin Savior balm }

Popped over to one of my favorite blogs Lovely Morning & what do I see? A rave review (with a mighty compelling analysis) of One Love Organics products. So I read Kristina's post....feeling a bit sold already just imagining the rich & lovely consistency of the products, fabulously pure ingredients & to die for perfectly simple packaging.
Then....pop over to 100 Layer Cake's blog about their Pop Up Shop offering a sale (like 50% retail) on these products....so I read on, observe flawlessly styled shoot of the beautiful gals of 100 layer cake having a lovely time (in adorable robes) playing with the product, drinking tea (amongst coral peonies) & wearing ban.do accessories. I mean, come on....
Then....pop over to One Love Organics site to read more about ingredients (I'm an Esthetician, must read ingredients), impressed with the pure and simple nature of the products, the rave reviews & said adorably perfect styling...I order the Skin Savior.
Tempted to order the whole she-bang, but I'll start with the balm (Kristina says she uses it on her son Dashiell for diaper rash & dry skin). 2 birds, one stone...what what!?!??!
Can't wait to get my balm :-) Shiny, dewy, glowy fabulous skin here I come (and baby of course).

:: peace & love ::

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krisitna said...

So glad you picked some up Katie! And good luck in the last few weeks of your pregnancy. :)