Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Delight

Spent this beautiful (and warm) weekend attending a co-worker/friend's bridal shower! Where everyone but me enjoyed margarita's in the perfect weather, while I removed my adoralbe Jcrew sandals because my feet were swelling :-( Sunday (day) was perfection (currently trying to decide on dinner), got an invite from the bestie's to hang at their parent's pool (right down the street from us), spent all day in the sun (more margaritas for everyone but me), haha. I think I might even have a wee bit of a tan to show for it!
Hope your warm & sunny weekend was beautiful.

:: peace & love ::


allison said...

my mom always said- beauty knows no pain. not true!! but they are lovely shoes to get swollen over:)

Katie said...

they are worth a little swelling Allison ;-) and that little saying from Mom couldn't be more true! haha