Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a list of do's

{perfect bound}
In the wonderful world of wedding planning there are many things on my brain lately...mainly the continuously multiplying lists of things to do...I am trying to do as much as i can myself..which I find really gratifying and at the same time extremely time consuming. I think I will just make this list here...that way these things that are swimming around in my thoughts, consuming my every moment (which they currently are...along with painting walls black and pesto) will be here...instead of there...weird I tell ya.
Here it goes-
*mock up and execute the construction of our invitation/rsvp/map and general 'cuteness' of the mailed package. (including finding appropriate envelopes and lining them (appropriately..of course)...
*making a lovely bohemian textural headpiece to wear with my lovely dress...(see here...such a fab style and look....a such a rockin' photog... ;-)
*get our rings made...I am thinking rose gold..with blush diamonds...and maybe a touch of filigree thrown in (why not)....for Wes we are thinking a sturdy metal...a few diamonds from the side view and perhaps a bit of filigree for him as well....(he's not a flashy guy...and yes, if you are wondering he does get to make these decisions himself...we shall see what he chooses!!!)
*get together a 'planting party' to put together our succulent centerpieces and decor (beer and perhaps margaritas or gin and tonics will un doubt ably be included in this is
practically in appropriate if they are not!).
*decide on a hotel for the night before and of the wedding....contemplating here or here.
*rent tables/chairs/silver wear/glass wear/etc....
*rent/buy (?) lighting to be strung across the plaza at dinner.
*figure out how my bridesmaids and myself will be getting up the hill to the ceremony site in our cute is more than just a little walk down a block...its a bit hilly and dusty (perhaps a golf cart...vespa...hmm...on that will wes I myself depart our ceremony? see HERE, that path in the pic is the one we will be walking down...too long to simply mosey down don't you think?
*what to hang in those beautiful oak trees...garlands...metal and mirrors strung together..oh my.
*cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes......
*coordinate my bridesmaid's luncheon. cupcakes-cocktails-crafts-champagne-craziness (had to keep the 'c' theme going..
*find/make something amazing for my girls (and they are the best group of girls i could ask for!!!)
*we are doing an ipod for our music--so making a rockin' play list is key (tips-ideas-tricks would be GREATLY appreciated...i feel a bit intimidated by this task).
*honeymoon (?)...
I am most certainly forgeting many things..but hey.. (they are now written down here...instead of swimming in my head)..which I can say feels much better!
Happy happy Wednesday, the weekend is almost here!!!
:: peace and love ::


kirstyb said...

i also have a long list of things to do ! never ending right? ha x

Elise said...

this is overwhelming to me! eek