Monday, February 22, 2010

mouthwatering fish tacos

it all started here....morro bay harbor--dockside fish market
we went for some ahi tuna for our *fish tacos* tonight....but it ended up being so amazingly beautiful that we stayed and had a beer on the patio (this is where my (soon to be) father in law is throwing our rehearsal dinner.....ahh...thanks *pops* and it was soo nice....just picture me...shades...almost asleep sunning myself with feet hanging off the side, dangling over the beautiful water watching large sea lions frolic below...honestly...beautiful.
i am not a huge sauce person...the thought of something clouding the flavor of my dish generally bothers me....however...when you are talking bbq'd ahi must make sauce. so i searched google for inspiration and found this recipe. it's fantastic...the one thing i would say is that you should *definitely* use the whole hot pepper (whichever pepper you choose) we chose jalapeno...but i got scared and didn't use the whole was still delish...but could have used more heat!!
here is the sad little leftover pepper....if it could talk it would say "use me"...but alas i did not. (is it strange i just gave words to a pepper??) probably.
I did take some poor quality phone pics (as all of them are)....but really they did not (at all) do the tacos I will leave it to you to make them yourself and 'see' how amazing they really are : ) I heated up corn tortillas with olive oil in a pan...and chopped cabbage...along with the sauce and fish (1 lb bbq'd for about 7 mins on each side--there being 4 sides to this little steak) it was need to over 'accessorize' a generally amazing dish....right?
:: peace and love ::
---if you are wondering to yourself..."is this what she usually does with her Monday?"...well no it isn't. I am usually at work giving facials and waxing unruly brows...but unfortunately for me (and maybe some people in question with unruly brows) no one was on my sad little books today. so i played hooky--grocery of course the said 'amazing fish and beer extravaganza'.
Happiest of Mondays if i do say so myself : )


Julia mode said...

nice blog =)

vchslo said...

Wish I could have been there.
Fish Tacos....yay