Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OBsession :: A Lovely Morning's Reply Cards this is my second post about Kristina's amazing's really her own fault that I'm so obsessed, because I get to look at all her fun postings about her putting this all together and I just LOVE the look and feel of her personalized invites (and now) reply cards! I'm not engaged ( hum....) but, when I am planning I can't say that I wont look back on these beautiful pictures and gather inspiration from them! I especially love the hearts next to the reply answers as well as the idea of doing a post card!! So personal and fun!! So it's quickly becoming obvious that I love these and I really can't say enough! Hahaha.....I'll stop now for every one's sake!
:: peace and love ::

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lovelymorning said...

hi katie!

thanks so much for your nice nice notes! it was really satisfying, i must say, seeing everything come together!