Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Paper Sky :: Downtown SLO

Paper Sky is the cutest boutique you will ever see located in downtown SLO across from Hands Gallery! I love going in there for no reason at all...but they have the most beautiful paper goods!! Invites, cards, ribbons, bows, wrapping paper, fun little trinkets! Cameron Ingalls--a local (and very popular) photographer did an interview with her about starting her store and how she decided to go down this route! I found it really interesting, click on the title of this post to check out the interview!!!!
Thank You Jessica for creating such a beautiful environment for all the paper lovers!

:: peace and love ::


Lindsay_Loves said...

Those papers look beautiful! I live no where near there, do you know if they sell online ?

Katie Carter said...

Hello Lindsay!
Unfortunatly Paper Sky doesn not have an online site (bummer I know!!) I'd be on there for hours! However....if you click on the title of the post--it is a link to the interview I talk about and the some of the brands of these wrappings are named there! I am sure you could look those brands up specifically!
Thanks for the love!

Project Fashion Magazine said...

Hi Lindsay,

I was born in SLO and am yearning to return...I am a paper collage artist. I have a new etsy shop that I'm trying out. Good luck, do what you love.

I have a blog I've started called projectfashionmagazine.blogspot.com

My website is olanquattro.com

Good luck!