Sunday, February 15, 2009

it's all about L-O-V-E baby...

Every Valentine's Day since 2007 Wes and I have gone to Red Hot Pottery. The two top pictures are from previous years, that butter dish has gotten some very good use and sits above our stove (so pretty). This year however, Wes painted himself a new 'construction' themed coffee mug while I painted a cake stand (I've been wanting a cake stand forever, I may as well make my own). There are a few pics of our fun night, which was so fun and amazing as always. I used the combo of mint green and candy apple red (one of my fav. color combo's btw). We get them back (after they've been fired) Saturday the 21st and I will promptly and (proudly) post pictures of our little creations! It's especially fun for me because Wes is more of the 'brainy--mathy--technical' one and I'm more of the 'arty--free spirited--creative' one...or so I thought..but he always does something interesting and thought out. While I might not make a 'construction themed mug' his creativity always impresses me and I enjoy watching him put all that effort into perfecting his design (so cute!!). I hope everyone had a wonderful L-O-V-E day and did something special (even if you don't have a honey!!).

:: peace and love ::