Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flickr it up!

Hey all...I just created a flickr page and am in the process of trying to get most of my pics up and organized! I did however add a link to my Flickr site below the 'About Me' section and you are more than welcome to click on over and check it out. It is a work in I'm sorry if the content isn't terribly interesting currently! I'm working on will get better when I have some time (meaning after I get my tests out of the way tomorrow--I'm procrastinating if you couldn't tell).
With that said, I included a pic of my ((very)) messy bathroom counter top. I have a cute little jewelry tree from Urban that I love but is getting a bit cluttered with all my 'stuff'. Here are my two questions for you all--please leave comments with your ideas, I am eager to hear solutions!
1. Any good ideas on storing toiletries that are easy to access and not permanent (seeing as I live in an apartment).
2. I have some delicate sort of headbands (feathers--jewels etc) that I don't really want to stash in a drawer but that clutter my little jewelry tree. Any ideas on how to better accommodate my little headbands??!
Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
Happy Wednesday!

:: peace and love ::


Anonymous said...

I have a question and then (possibly) a solution:

Do you have a medicine cabinet?

If you do then I have a solution for you and will post on

Michelle said...

I was just dealing with a very, very similar issue. Ok, Container store has these acrylic clear compartments for all kinds of lady stuff for the bathroom. Also, they have the cool little leather like briefcases?? that have velvet lined boxes inside and you can open it up and plop your delicate thing inside. I say, go look for what you want, then google it and see if you can't find something similar for cheeeeppperrr. C.S. is crazy expensive. Fun!

Katie Carter said...

Mara--no I don't have a medicine cabinet...lots of space under the sink..but I like to have my face regime very handy (or it will just end up on the counter again).
Michelle--Thank you so much for the ideas! I will definitly be checking out these options!