Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4 Things

1. I am heavily contemplating a blog name change to 'Wonderland, Ca'..thoughts!?!
2. It's my blog's 1 year anniversary (!!) and I am planning on commemorating that shortly!
3. I am in dyer need of decor help...meaning I am feeling bored with my apartment and need a little sprucing up 'round these parts' but have the budget of a hobo (in matters of extra curricular activity). Please help (anyone) with ideas, or references to sites etc. I will greatly appreciate your ideas!
4. I have a collection of 'wanted fashion pieces' that are pretty amazing and I will be posting them soon (by soon I mean tomorrow...once my tests are over) and yes...I am procrastinating again.
That's all for tonight...I am going to get back to studying (blah.......)
If you were wondering why this post was necesary--I'll tell you. I cannot fit anything else into my brain right now (that means remembering blog posts I plan to make) instead of listing them elsewhere, I am giving you a little 'preview' of what's to come. (hahahaha)

:: peace and love ::

1 comment:

Rachel said...

It's a mental organization post! You have to get your head on straight. I say change your name if it's bothering you - I know you've thought about it before. And I can't wait to see your wanted pieces.