Sunday, February 15, 2009

Makin' a Love Card

I always prefer to make Wes a card instead of buy something that 50 million other people will receive! This is his card in the making this year...just for fun. In case it's not legible it says 'through life's stormy skies, I find love in everyday with you'. I know, I know...kinda mushy (I really wanted to draw an umbrella if that helps...haha). If you want to be really impressed check out the card'age' going on over at Heart of Light, lino cutting tools are on my 'wish list', for the moment we'll have to settle for a charcoal sketch. Happy Sunday!!!

:: peace and love ::


Mara said...

I totally forgot about your talented drawing ability. So cute.

Rachel said...

It's so sweet! I am jealous of your drawing ability. I have to rely on Illustrator for almost all of my craftiness.

Michelle said...

So pretty and much sweet!