Thursday, February 5, 2009

Latte Lovin'

I sure do love a good latte, and have been seriously coveting a beautiful retro looking espresso machine for quite some time now. This Francis Francis X1 Trio Stainless Steel Espresso Maker sure is pretty and would look so sweet (and be so very efficient) on my counter top! Something I've been wondering about is the very large range of prices on these machines. They range from around $300(ish) to $1000's and I'm wondering if the cheaper versions are going to break a couple months after I buy them, or make really crappy espresso?? If anyone knows about these things, please inform me on why there is such a large difference in prices, and how the pricier models are better?? I just want a yummy smooth, creamy latte friends, is that too much to ask for? ;-)
I also LOVE this version in white!!
If I could find one in a powder blue or a pistachio green I would DIE...haven't seen those colors yet (but I haven't scoured the www yet either...wish me luck!). I think whichever one I fall in love with will go on my 'future registry' along with a Kitchen Aid Mixer and these lovelies...haha.

:: peace and love ::

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Mara said...

Hi there! Cheaper latter machines aren't worth purchasing (from what I've experienced). They take a long time to make the latte and they aren't decent lattes. My old roommate had one and it was pretty much a joke. I'd rather spend $3.20 for a rich vanilla latte from Pete's Coffee. Go to consumer reports and check out what they say and/or what they recommend.