Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Few of my Favorite 'Favorites'

*Picture--Lookout in Big Sur, Ca.
Yes, the redundancy is on purpose...I had a moment of boredom this evening and decided to go through my whole list of favorites on the comp and pick my 'favorites' to share with you!! Here they are ::
* Naimies--Especially Japonesque for any beauty utensil you will ever need.
*Sandal World--Anything by Mystique.
*Viva Terra--Especially this chalk board organizer.
*Linda and Harriett--Blog--Official Site.
*Upper Case Gallery (that's right folks...more poster love)
*This crazy white chair.
*This pretty 'little' dress.
*Red House Design
Just a little tid bit of fun that has been randomly saved to the favorites list--and after a second pass has still caught my eye! Hope you enjoy browsing these sites as much as I do!

:: peace and love ::

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