Thursday, January 28, 2010

busy bee!!!

I have been a v. v. bad blogger!! To my credit I have been very busy with wedding fun(ness) and will hopefully soon be able to post some fun updates as to where we are at!!
things on my mind ::
i think we have a flower lady!!! (yeahhh, and she is so v. sweet and so v. talented!)
i have a pretty amazing (if i do say so myself) idea for what I want my wedding band to be!!!
someone backed into my car in a Von's parking lot...and didn't leave their info....I am hoping the universe plays it's part and gives that $%*@ some bad karma....perhaps i shouldn't wish this on someone...but i am still quite a bit ticked...
so for the most part it's good and it's fun (minus the poor little volvo's rear end!!) so sad....
Happy rest of the week....i am hoping i will get it together long enough to post something much more interesting than this ;-)

:: peace and love ::

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