Monday, January 4, 2010

A Dress Has Been Ordered!!!

{tangled treasure necklace & bijoux pear necklace--Jcrew}
Yup yup....I have ordered a's not for sure if it's 'the one'....but we shall see!! I was starting to get really stressed out about the whole 'finding a dress' thing....and even if this isn't the one, it has shed some light on the whole thing...brought back the element of fun, instead of just the stress and time lines. I'm getting excited to try it on....and am getting really excited about accessorizing it! I am starting to think that it might be sassy fun to do a big statement necklace--like the ones above!!!
Or....I also ordered this Lux cocktail bracelet from Jcrew and will see how it looks with my shoes and the dress!!! I ended up getting the Tigerlily necklace for Christmas (!!! yayaya) and could layer a couple of those with this bracelet.......instead of the big necklace.
Do you see what I does one choose such exciting details!?!?

I will post more soon...cant possibly give away too many details now can I....but I do sort of hope the dress works out, and then comes the exciting task for 'bedazzling' it : ) Then there is always the option of an amazing fancy headpiece....oh my!

Hope everyone had a lovely New Year, I was coming down with the flu....but know that 2010 holds many many wonderful and new changes for me!

:: peace and love ::


Michelle said...

How cool! I was endlessly stressed about "the dress," and I screwed myself by not dealing with it until the last minute, I never really liked my dress for me or my wedding (I liked it, but not for me...) don't let that happen to you!

Petiteélégant said...

I want the last necklace <3