Thursday, January 8, 2009

(( GASP ))

They are mine!!!!!! Here's the story, I fell in love with these shoes a couple months ago after seeing them in a magazine add. Innitially I just loved the shape and color of them, then I got to thinking....."those would be fantastic wedding shoes!!". Somewhere between finding them and now, I got distracted, figured they would always be on the site, that there was no rush and I didn't need to run out and order them right then. Imagine my disappointment when I actually sat down to order them......and they were sold out. I looked everywhere imaginable on the web and could not find the cobalt blue anywhere. Then (being the dork I am) called Kate Spade and asked if they had anymore somewhere, they gave me a list of 8 stores in California and out of that 8, 3 had them in the blue s:9. Out of those 3, one would ship them to me for free!!! So on Tuesday, I actually ordered them and they just arrived this evening!!!!!! I am so stoked, they are so beautiful and comfortable (crucial for wedding shoes I would think...if not for wedding shoes, for me). I'm also happy because, I really don't care for traditional wedding shoes...white...satin...a bead or pearl here and gracias. I'm excited to have somthing different, but still sweet and charming. It's going to be hard not to wear them sooner, but I'm going to try my hardest! my mom delightfully put it, "well you'll have shoes, but no ring"...hahaha....ahhhh so true!
:: peace and love ::


Anonymous said...

Crazy seeing the tattoo on you. Sometimes I forget I even have one too.

Love the shoes by the way!

Lynne said...

Love your shoes - they are gorgeous!

Rachel said...

Congrats! Your persistence paid off. And they are lovely.