Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rainy Day Shopping

We got a much welcomed dose of rain on the Central Coast at the end of last week and into the weekend...I spent my Friday afternoon listening to the rain and browsing around on the Internet for delightful finds (both dangerous and tremendously entertaining). This little succulent plant was stashed behind the other foliage on the apartment property, once I found it I rescued it and it is my little welcoming committee on my stoop ever since!! It looks so pretty in the rain.
This coat by Jcrew makes me want to just wear it every day, to me...this is perfection!! I would wear it everyday if it weren't for the crazy ridiculousness that Jcrew calls a price tag (it is cashmere, but non the less overpriced). Despite the fact that I wont be owning this jacket anytime soon, I still stared at it for approximately 5 minutes, admiring the color, detail and fit...ahhh bliss.
Another blissful moment occurred when I found this Icicle's Melt dress on Anthropologie....eh hum...I'm in love (with essentially fabric) is it weird that I day dream about wearing a certain dress?? I wonder this on occasion. This dress is the perfect mixture of sweet, beautiful, modern but also nostalgic feeling. I get a little bored with the good old 'party dress'. Typically strapless...or spaghetti straps...fairly flashy...really..I've seen it on a million people and I'm kind of over it. For this reason and many more I do love this dress...maybe by my BIRTHDAY (national holiday I'll have you know--hahahaha) it will be on sale!?! Here's to hoping!
By the way...I didn't buy one thing on my little rainy day 'window' shopping excursion...which is really the best thing (for me and my wallet).
Happy Tuesday!
:: peace and love ::

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