Monday, January 19, 2009


As of now, Wes and I have 2 of our coffee mugs holding all of our random pens and pencils in our study area...I don't really enjoy this method seeing as this morning we are out of coffee mugs and our kitchen drain is clogged so I could really use more (ohhh the joys of apt. living!!). When I saw this cute idea in Zooey's house tour in Domino I loved it and knew exactly which pencils I've been wanting that would look so charming in the mint julep cup!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I definitely did. Did I miss the memo 'no blogging on weekends?' this seems to be a generally followed rule...hmm...maybe I will have to restrain myself, saving all of my weekend good(ness) for the next week! : )

:: peace and love ::

*first pic from Zooey's Domino Mag. house tour.
*second pic from Simple Song Etsy store.

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