Sunday, January 25, 2009

Aveda's NEW Embrightenment

Aveda has a brand new skin care line called 'Embrightenment' which is a discoloration treatment focused on evening the skin tone and increasing the overall luminosity of the skin. It combines high tech plant technology, made up of a 99.7% naturally derived formula. If the system is used in completion day and night there is said to be a 34% reduction in the appearance of discoloration and dark spots and a 52% improvement in visible clarity. I'm pretty excited about this line...I've done my share of time in the sun what with growing up in Ca and life guarding for most of my teenage years. This has caused minor dark spots in some places and I have a feeling that the ingredients it contains will also help with my minor breakouts that I experience. So far I have the moisturizing cream and am super excited to get the rest. This line retails for $275 that is for everything shown above (sorry for the poor pic is not even launched on the Aveda site yet and I had to search to even find this one). This line should be arriving in stores (it's already at Lux, so come on in) and on the official Aveda site shortly. I suggest trying it out, if you hate it (which would be impossible) you can always exchange it for other products you love. I will post more detailed information and links soon!! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend : )

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Anonymous said...

Did you use the treatment and how do you like it- i would love to know your opinion..

let me know
thanks- Dips