Thursday, January 1, 2009

*** Happy 2009 ***

Happy 2009, time to pack up the last year and move on to this new year ahead of us!! I think it's going to be a good one and am excited for all the memories to come!! 2008 was pretty good to me, there has been a lot of change in the past year, friends gained, and new opportunities's a few things I am hoping for this year ::
Exercise more (a lot more)
Spend more time with my family
Get my portfolio together
Do more of what I love
Take a painting class--paint more
Cook more--find new things to cook
Be more crafty--try new things
Get a beach cruiser
Get rid of clothes I don't like or wear
Re build wardrobe with beautiful basics
Volunteer at the animal shelter
Get a Polaroid camera
Have more "date nights"
Keep more fresh flowers in the house
Grow my own veggies
Finally decorate our bedroom
Move into a new place (bigger place)
The list goes on, but these are a few things I want to focus on in 2009!!!

Happy New Year!!

:: peace and love ::

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Lynne said...

That's a great list. Mine is similar - exercise is always on there, but I never get around to it!